Frequently Asked Questions

Q What is the purpose of ARK ?
A It is the intent of ARK to assist all players regardless of their allegiance in-game. Assistance can take on many forms both in-character and out-of character. ARK personnel will answer all game related and social questions and concerns including but not limited to using the in game /petition tool. It is recommended that you use the in game /petition tool for all your in game questions and concerns. ARK will also assist Funcom with story related and non-story related events to encourage and reward the role-playing citizens of Rubi-Ka.
Q How is ARK organized?
A There are many levels in ark. Greeters who assist the newest players, Assistant Advisors who are undergoing training; Advisors who are the mainstay of the volunteer program; Guardians who are senior advisors, Coordinators who help directors run the teams, and Directors who are responsible for an ark department.
Q So what's the difference between an Advisor and a GM?
A A GM is a paid Funcom employee, whereas an Advisor (of any level) is a volunteer. In game, GM's have more extensive abilities than the advisors. The Genetic Manipulator (GM) maintains the /petition queue for Anarchy Online.
Q What Service does ARK do?
A ARK is capable of the following services:
1. New-arrival assistance through city tours and education programs in the ARK offices.
2. Assisting Funcom Genetic Manipulators (GMs) with story line related and non-story line related events and giving rewards for role-playing.
3. Bug Hunting.

ARK also performs other services, details of which can be found on this ARK WebSite.
Q What is the /petition command?
A In order to contact an Genetic Manipulator in-game you can type /petition . This will send off a message to GMs, who will then contact you.
Q What should I use /petition for?
A There are no "set in stone" rules. If there is ever anything you cannot understand, something you are dissatisfied with, or you're experiencing problems with the game, you should /petition for assistance.
Q When should I NOT petition?
A Funcom works diligently to get all your petitions answered, but you might want to help your fellow gamers by only petitioning when you're sure you do in fact have a problem that requires our assistance. If you're unsure of how to find something in game, or doing some particular task, feel free to /petition for assistance, but you might get a faster response asking others around you, often by using shout in a populated area or by directly talking to other players in game.
Q I am new, and I have a zillion questions.. Should I petition you for answers?
A While you're more than welcome to do so, we recommend trying to ask your questions in the in-game newbie channels. Advisors also monitor these from time to time and there are some very skilled and helpful players out there too. We also highly suggest the Anarchy Online Official Forums.
Q Events? What events?
A Sorry... this one you'll have to experience for yourself, but you'll know when you get involved in one. Events will range from massive conflicts between Omni-Tek and the Clans to minor dynamic quests. Keep your eye on the "IRRK News Wire" ingame too.
Q I tried petitioning, waited for two hours, then logged off. When I came back a GM had left a message for me to repetition. What good does this do me?
A When we are working on your petitions and you are offline we send offline messages with as much information as possible to assist with problems and questions. Though sometimes offline messages are not enough and we need you to re-petition so we can handle your problem while your online. Please remember we can see you online as other characters. Be sure to include your problems details succinctly in the body of the petition so that we can leave an appropriate response in case you are offline when we reply to your petition.
Q I have petitioned on more than one occasion, and it seems that the time it takes to get an answer varies a lot. What gives?
A Funcom wants all petition responses to be fast and immediate. However depending on the petition load it can take time for all petitions to be answered.
Q Where can we find you?
A There are two ways of getting in touch with ARK:
  • First is normally you can find arks ingame walking around the cities and other areas. ARKs are easily spotted by their Green Names.
  • Secondly, you may try this page.
  • Q What types of problems can I expect help with from ARK?
    A ARKS on walkabouts in the major cities can assist you with many questions however if its account or something which needs to have commands used to fix its best to /petition for a GM.

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