ARK Teams

ARK is divided into several teams that allow members to concentrate on specific tasks. However unlike many other volunteer programs, all Advisors are able to assist in most activities run by teams they are not part of. E.g. All Advisors can be part of events run by the events team.


The Events team is responsible for writing, producing, and starring in small, medium, and large events that occur in various locations on all dimensions, and across all timezones.

The Events team also assists the Funcom events team in running official events that effect the storyline of AO.

Any Advisor is eligible to participate in an event being run by this team, subject to training and certain limits on numbers.

Community Relations

The ARK Community Relations (CR) team serves as a focused bridge of communication and interaction between AO players and ARK.

» CR assists the Funcom Community team in functions such as looking out for bulletin board posts that need to be moderated or flagged to various people or teams in FunCom and ARK.
» CR communicates to fansites, etc. regarding ARK; and helps to connect players to proper FunCom and ARK contact points when unsure who to contact.
» CR maintains the Public Tours
» CR also develops and manages this ARK website; and many other Community functions and roles helpful to FunCom and ARK...

Bug Hunters

The Bug Hunters spend alot of time on the test servers, helping the development and QA team check new patches and features for bugs, as well as helping to check balance issues.

As part of the Bug Hunters the Exploit Team manages all reported and confirmed exploits.

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