Privacy Information

How does Funcom and the Advisors of Rubi-Ka (ARK) use my information and what is the benefit to me? It's important to note that ARK is a FunCom operated program.

To make the environment in the game an enjoyable experience for all players Funcom and ARK need to be able to identify everyone with access to the game.

Identification through requesting personal data such as birth-date, address, phone number, and account name are effective in securing a safe gaming environment and enable Funcom to authentically verify applicants to the ARK program as being current Anarchy Online subscribers and at least of the age of 18.

Funcom and ARK may use personal data as well in other situations such as:

  • To properly establish access to ARK resources, such as but not limited to, e-mail access.
  • When sending out gifts or other materials by mail or e-mail.
  • To contact ARK members as needed regarding news, information, and any material related to FunCom or the ARK program.

The information you provide to register for the ARK program will not be shared with unauthorized FunCom employees, ARK members, or companies.

Questions? Please e-mail and we will answer your questions or route them to the proper individuals.

Thank you for your interest in the ARK program!

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