Contacting ARK

The Advisors Of Rubi-Ka are a volunteer support group for Anarchy Online. Please be advised that if you're looking to contact FunCom, you'll need to do so at:
Contact Funcom for any situation related to: billing, character issues, account issues, exploits, bug reports, technical and hardware support. Other issues such as: player harassment, petition problems, ARK/GM abuse reports, etc. should be petitioned, or please contact FunCom via the forum linked above

Please do not submit these things to us through our below e-mails.

Game suggestions and feedback should be submitted directly to FunCom at or posted in the Suggestions forum on the
Official Forums.
Problems with the Application or Questions about Joining ARK should be directed to:

Application Questions (For those who have already applied):

Already were a member of ARK and wish to return...
Email Your Real name D/O/B and email used to apply to the program

What can you submit to

Requests to have ARK attend your ingame party, wedding, etc. Provide complete details: time (GMT), date, location, for what, where, and any related forum posts announcements.
Requests for more information relating to the ARK program for a publication of some sort, i.e. fansite interviews, website news postings, etc.
Tours of the ARK playfield. Tours for any other locations are handled by the tours group.
Feedback and/or problems with this ARK WebSite.
If you're looking for a specific ARK group or person and are unsure how to reach them, or if you don't know who to talk to at all for something related to ARK.
You can also find on this WebSite:

Information on contacting the tours group, here.
Information on contacting the weddings group, here.

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