From greeter to director, ARK is a stuctured organisation, with many ranks, as well as longevity titles.

Base in-game level: 10

New ARK start as greeters in ARK Academy. They are taught how to listen and help players. After the induction ceremony, greeters can help new players in the game by answering various questions and welcoming them on Rubi-Ka or Shadowlands.

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Assistant Advisor
Base in-game level: 50

After a minimum of time and greets, greeters can choose to move on and start their training to reach the rank of Advisor. They are buffed to Assistant Advisors and start to learn basics of their new job in ARK.

At the Rank of Assistant Advisor, the ARK is able to pick from the different Departments of ARK and start learning their new role in the Department of their choice.

Base in-game level: 100

Advisors have left ARK Academy and are now full members of the Advisors of Rubi-Ka.

Depending on the department they are in, advisors can do various things: run events, hunt for bugs, train new advisors, and many other things...

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Base in-game level: 150

Guardians are selected advisors, chosen based on their skill and time commitment to the department they are in. They are trustworthy and resourceful, and are responsible for assisting advisors.

Base in-game level: 175

Responsibility for a team of ARK's is an important task in any department. Coordinators work with ARK's of all ranks, from advisor to director, to accomplish their assigned tasks. Coordinators in the departments often have different and very unique responsibilities.

Director / Assistant Director
Base in-game level: 250 (Director) / 225 (Assistant Director)

Directors and Assistant Directors are tasked with leading entire ARK departments. Those who fill these jobs have extensive experience in the ARK program, and are selected from many applicants who apply when these positions become open. These ARK's bear great responsibility to motivate, inspire and lead their teams of ARKs. Additionally they create, implement and oversee new programs and projects.

Longevity titles

Some of our members have spent many months serving and improving the Anarchy Online customer service experience. After a great deal of time, ARK are given longevity titles as a reward for their services. Longetivy titles come with a few bonuses as well...

Veteran 6 months +5 to in-game level
Sage 12 months +10 to in-game level
Adept 18 months +15 to in-game level
Oracle 24 months +20 to in-game level
Merkurian 30 months +25 to in-game level
Ophanim 36 months +30 to in-game level
Seraphim 42 months +35 to in-game level
Arcanim 48 months +40 to in-game level
Delphi 54 months +45 to in-game level
Paragon 60 months +50 to in-game level
Legend 66 months +55 to in-game level
Chronos 72 months +60 to in-game level

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