Rub-Ka Wedding Locations


We have chosen a number of scenic locations across Rubi-Ka for weddings. Here is a brief description of the locations and a picture. You may choose any location on Rubi-Ka you wish to have your ceremony, and we will attempt to accommodate your request. The following are just a few of the popular places to have one.
Desert Temple


Here in the mysterious desert, you can seal your love for one another in the hidden temple. Your wedding can be performed in the most ancient and sacred way.
Broken Shores Falls


Get married beneath the breath taking Broken Shores Falls where you and your loved one will be married over the water as all your friends watch from the shore.
Tir Falls


The twin pillars of truth and justice overshadow the beautiful lake Tir. Here clan members may be married here while feeling just and right about their beliefs whatever they may be.
Galaway Castle


An elegantly modern outdoor locale, with a wonderful area for a nice reception after the ceremony, this spot is ideal for large Omni faction ceremonies.
Camelot Castle


Brought back from the days of old, this fabled Castle is a wonderful location for you and your loved one to create memories together.
Ember Woods - Borealis


Just outside of the city awaits a lovely natural setting for your wedding, at the shores of the river amidst the most beautiful trees in all of Rubi-Ka. A great locale for our nature ceremony.
Lava Flow


Want a hot wedding? This is the place to do it. Keep your love for each other always hot and steamy here.
Lush Fields


Love a wonderful view? A great out of the way location on the cliffs overlooking the lush fields and a beautiful skyline will make your picturesque wedding one to remember.
Mystic Swamp Circle


Ideal for our naturalist pagan ceremony, the Mystic Circle is a perfect setting for a union between lovers of the land beneath the stone ruins.
Notum Tree - Avalon


Amidst the red rivers of Avalon and the bridges over the isolated islands is an oasis of Rubi-Ka’s greatest resource, notum. Celebrate your glorious union at the heart of Rubi-Ka, the Notum Tree.
Rome Park


In the heart of Rome, among elegant statues and perfectly trimmed trees, is the expansive location of Rome Park, a pristine location for Omni oriented ceremonies.
Versailles Tower


The sweeping stone ramps of the Versailles Tower in Pleasant Meadows provide a perfect simple location for an intimate ceremony.

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