Welcome to the Rubi-Ka Marriage Registry!

About our department

Amid the conflict and discord that colors our days on Rubi-Ka, just sometimes we have a ray of light enter our lives. Gazing across a crowded room suddenly there is that special person looking back at you.

And while the noise of the present has filled your life so far suddenly you find yourself looking into the future with hope. You want to make that investment in the future with that special person. The Registry understands this human need and wishes to support you in every way we can towards this very special moment in your life. We provide an impartial and caring Marriage service to any of Rubi-Ka's citizens, regardless of faction, breed or gender. We truly want to help you celebrate the joy of marriage in these dark times.

Included in our service.

  • Fully scripted wedding ceremony in one of many styles.
  • Faction specific ceremonies.
  • A range of beautiful pre-chosen locations to help you organize your special event.
  • A name changing service to bring your name in line with your spouses.
  • The provision of wedding rings.
  • A fully certified Registrar to lead your ceremony and seal your marriage.

We hope that you will find our service to be pleasant and friendly and that it will fit your needs on this happy occasion and we look forward to helping make it a very special day for you.

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