My team was Ninja looted. What can be done about it ?

What is Ninja Looting?

Ninja Looting is the act of looting a NO DROP item by someone that is not in the team that won the looting rights.

  1. Any items looted by someone in your team will never be considered "Ninja-Looted". As a 'killing' team member (the team doing the most damage therefore having loot rights) any team member has as much a right to an item as anyone in the team. The team leader is able to change loot order and is responsible for that loot order.

    Note: Raids using the raid interface that can consist of up to 36 players in 6 different teams are considered as a single team for ninjalooting situations. That means that all the players in the raid are in the killing team. Also a single player killing a mob is also considered as a killing team for ninjalooting situations.

  2. Only NO DROP items will be considered when discussing ninja-looting. Items that are tradable can easily be looted by the leader of a team and traded to the proper individual. The killing team does have rights to the looted item. Again, team leaders are responsible for this action.

  3. Looting of a NO DROP item by someone outside the killing team while the killing team is discussing the distribution of the item will be considered ninja-looting.

    A ninja looting claim must be petitioned within 12 hours of the incident. This gives you a chance to determine if the person actually intended to ninja-loot.

    If upon an investigation for ninja-looting, a character is found to have actually ninja-looted an item, the item will be deleted from the character and there will be possible disciplinary action taken against them.

    Unfortunately we are unable to return Ninja-looted items to the team or person claiming loot rights for any reason.

    Abuse of this policy or false petitioning regarding this policy will be treated as attempting to defraud a Customer Service Representative and treated accordingly.
What information must I have to report a case of ninja looting?
  1. Name of the NPC the item was looted from.
  2. Name of the item.
  3. How long ago the incident happened to the nearest 30 minutes.
If any of this information is not available then we regret that we are unable to help in this matter.

It also helps if the following information is available:
  1. Name of the ninja looter.
  2. Names of all the players in the Killing team.
  3. Name of anyone that was holding the loot open (a member of the Killing Team).

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