My City raid went bad, can I get my CRU back?

Any Controller Recompiler Units (CRU) used on a city controller will not be re-imbursed.

This includes but is not limited to CRU used up on a city raid, CRU used as a stack on a City Controller, CRU spent on an un-satisfactory raid.

A City raid is not a 100% guarantee, there are however, some things that must happen for a City raid to work.

    1. A City Controller must be at 50% or greater for a raid to start.
    2. Some one from the City's Organization must be present.
    3. NO cru must be added after the cloak is lowered.

If the above was followed, but aliens were getting stuck or had problems with pathing, please speak with one of our Advisors. This DOES NOT mean we can re-imburse your CRU, but we can report the issue. Make sure to give the Advisor as much information as you can remember such as location, how it happened, and organization information.

If your CRU was lost by accidental deletion, trading, or another way not involving a City Controller it may be possible to re-imburse.

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