The right (or some other) part of my GUI is missing, what can I do?

In the Alien Invasion expansion the GUI received some major changes.
Among other things, most of the GUI parts can be checked on or off individually.
If any part of the GUI is missing or you would like to turn some of it off then go to options (F10) -> GUI -> Control Center to toggle parts of it one or off.

If you are having any other issues with your GUI including problems with a custom install, you can reset your GUI by downloading and installing a clean version of the GUI, you can find the clean GUI on the official anarchy-online forums. Just head to the sub-forum for the current live version number of the game.

Note: the right 'scroll area' of the GUI can be / is turned on and off using a keyboard shortcut. However which key it is depends on keyboard layout and language settings, but if the 'scroll area' suddenly seems to be missing then it was probably because that key was pressed.

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