I am unable to complete one of my generated RK missions, can anything be done about this?

All missions are completeable when entering them, therefore we cannot re-spawn them, force them to complete or hand out the reward.
There are however a few cases where we can provide either help or information on how to avoid the problem in the future.
Mission listed by type
Locate item: To complete this mission type the item to locate must be targeted while it is on the ground.
If another person picks up the item (mainly in team missions) then to complete the mission the item must be placed on the ground and targeted by the person who rolled the mission, this wont work if the item have been worn.
Another problem that can occur in this type of mission is that if the item is a nano crystal, then right clicking the crystal on the ground will upload it without completing the mission.
Return item: To complete this type of mission, the item located inside the mission must be picked up, then given to the terminal that mission was rolled from. (to do this left click the item, then right click it on the terminal.)
This mission type wont complete if the item have been worn.
Also note that due to mission token % counters sometimes resetting upon leaving, this mission type generally do not give out tokens either.
Locate NPC: To complete this type of mission one have to locate the NPC in question, then target him by left clicking on him, any other means of targeting will not make the mission complete.
A common problem with this mission type is that instead of left clicking the NPC it is targeted with 'tab' or auto targeted because it attacked first, these types of targeting does not make the mission complete, and if the NPC is killed the mission is incompleteable.
Kill NPC: To complete this type of mission the NPC must be killed and the holder of the mission must be rewarded for (receive XP from) the kill.Also in certain cases the NPC must be killed by a specific item, given when the mission is rolled, if the killing blow is not struck with this item, the mission will not complete. This requirement will be listed in the mission information screen.
'Repair' Item: To complete this type of mission the item that was given together with the mission must be 'used' on another item inside the mission.
If the item that was given is deleted, it is not possible to complete the mission.

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