I have problems equipping one of my items.

Normally you should only be unable to equip an item if you do not meet the requirements to wear it. However, there are a few situations where it is not obvious what might be causing the problem.
First, if you already have an item in the location you are attempting to equip to, any bonus you receive from that item will not factor in towards meeting the requirements of the item you are attempting to equip.
Occasionally a non NCU related item may give the feedback 'This item requires a free computer deck' when it will not equip. This is usually caused by the item being in a backpack. If you move the item from the backpack to your main inventory and then try to equip it all should be well.
To avoid most problems with equipping items you can try the following suggestions:
1. Un-equip any item already in the location you are trying to equip an item to.
2. Check that you meet the requirements for the item
3. Drag and drop the item on (Left click -> move mouse over empty slot -> Left click again)

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