New petition features

We have made several improvements in the petition system to allow us to more efficiently serve the citizens of Rubi-Ka.

The following buttons and commands will help you understand the petition interface:

- Open up the petition interface

HOME button
- Brings you back to the main listing of help articles

- Submit a petition

BACK button
- Go back one page

If you already have a petition in the queue, you may append additional information to it by using /petition again, clicking the petition button, writing the new information in the appropriate field, and then clicking the 'update my petition' button.

In addition, the petition classification system uses keywords.


Please use these classes to properly classify your petition, making it easier for Customer Support to identify your problem.

As always, it is important to give full details in your petition so that Advisors and GMs are better able to assist you.

Time-critical issues will be given top priority, but please do not give false or misleading information in a petition in order to receive faster service. This is a violation of policy (attempting to defraud a CS representative) and it wastes time that is better spent helping those in need.

We endeavour to assist all customers to the best of our abilities, and we appreciate your cooperation in helping us serve you better.

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