I have lost or deleted an item, are you able to give it back?

We will attempt to restore items that are lost or deleted as a result of any of the following occurrences:

1. Deleted by the player or deleted due to a bug.

2. Lost due to a server crash

3. Lost due to a bug with trades, backpacks or bank.

4. Traded incorrectly to an NPC

5. Items lost due to a bugged quest.

However, we can only reimburse an item lost or deleted if we can verify it in our logs. Items logs expire quickly so you must petition within 48 hours of losing the item.

When petitioning about a lost item, please include as much of the following information as possible to help us better track down the missing item(s):

1. Exact name of the item

2. Exact or approximate QL

3. How many hours ago the item was lost

4. Name of the character that lost the item.

If you need to update your petition with additional information you can do so by typing /petition

We regret that we are NOT able to give back items that have been lost due to trade scams, or when an item has been sold to a shop and credits have been given. Anarchy Online provides a secure trading window for both credits and items at the same time. It is the player's responsibility to ensure that the items they are trading for are in the trade window.

NOTE: Lost credits, victory points, veteran points, experience, and Shadow Knowledge are not included in the lost items policy. Please see related articles.

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